The globalization of markets and the general availability of communications infrastructure, able to supply real-time information, are varying levels of quality perception of the products to the customers.

Quality of service, timeliness of response to customer demand and updating informations are now the differential driver for the business and products success.

After-sales service has now a key role in today’s new business model of the company, taking on more and more weight in the distribution of revenue with business benefits in terms of market competitiveness.

Optimizing after-sales service allow to reduce direct and indirect costs, optimizing production time and resources.



STRIPES is the solution designed for all companies who want to automate the process  managing of post-sale activities and make it efficent, supporting the business processes management, editing, multi-channel publishing and interactive consultation of technical data of the product, giving customers and network repairers an innovative reference tool up to date technical information, facilitating and optimizing the order process parts.


For companies:

  • Unification and integration of the business information provided from different sources into a single database always updated.
  • Centralize the management of Multilanguage and multi-brand catalogs.
  • Automatic creation of catalogs also in special edition.
  • Reducing costs of updating  information.
  • Lower operative costs of help desk and management order acitivities.
  • Reducing costs of production and distribution of documentation, until the elimination of
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Reduction of redundancy of information and thus the chance of error.

For the network customers / resellers / repairers:

  • Real time avaiability of supporting documentation updated and with the possibility of multi-level navigation.
  • Increase
  • Increased profitability of operators assigned to service due to the reduction of consultation, research and order replacement parts.
  • Improving service levels and increase the customer satisfaction
  • Supporting to optimize the spare parts warehouse


Stripes is a modular solution. The available module are:


STRIPES Engine is an innovative system for the complete management of spare parts that allows you to centralize in a single repository all the information from the instruments operating company, thanks to  the ability to interface with management systems and existing databases.

Product description, , parts list, images and attached information is centralized and managed in a single serving, allowing the integration and customization of the same.

Stripe’s base features  are:

User multilevel management

Stripes allows a capillary user configuration with possibility of assign permissions diversified, defining various levels of authorization for the maintenance and publication of information.

Multi-language Management

Stripes allows the multi-language management of single component. A centralized archive of descriptions allows to assist  the administrator in the translation of the single elements

Multi-brand Management

Stripes allows you to manage inside the same installation more company brand, with chance of diferentation of coding and naming of the products, components and lists.

Unlimited catalogs and users

Stripes allows you to manage unlimited numbers of catalogs and brans, besides the chance to crate unlimited users

Management addional information

STRIPES allows you to associate each individual item / component to a graphical element, such as pictures, tables, movies.

Management validity and replacement code

Stripes allows centralized management of the validity of the individual components and the quick replacement of all products concerned with the automatic generation of a warning messages about the distinct change and ….

Graphic mapping boards ( Hot Spot)

Stripes allows to define for each components description a relationship with their drawing tables ensuring, in consultation phase, a bi-directional connections (from drawing to specific, from the specific to the drawing).

Database publishing

Thanks to database engine, Stripes is able to public all information automatically into external system both through addional or custom modules


It allows the user to develop web portals dedicate to after-sales activities getting the information directly from Stripes Engine’s database. It also possible to develop multilevl portals dedicate to both corporate and indidual brand/client, inside which the user can browse the technical information in multidimentional mode thanks to an advanced functionality research both textual and graphical.

Stripes to web is designed to develop multilanguage portals either in terms of contents or user interface descriptions.

It natively supports the online spare parts ordering collection  integrated with both business and e-commerce management systems, with online payment if required.

The online ordering system allows to define an autorized workflow for each user, allowing a pre-order phase, with validation and warding in the next step. Thanks to Stripes to web the user is able to browse the information by:

  • Textual research;
  • Graphical research;
  • Guided navigation for family,produtcs, ecc…


Thanks to the form STRIPES to Doc with a few mouse clicks you can generate electronic catalogs in Word format, exported to PDF for print and web publication, in the form STRIPES to Web and / or on its website.


Thanks to module Stripes Mobile you can be able to offer to your users a optimize solution for the web navigation from smartphone with android or apple operative system.

Lists, drwaings, components always to hand in an optimized format.


Thanks to the module Stripes Offline you can create a Stripe’s offline version , that allows all operatives to use the information without an online connection.