DEVELOPMENT not only is able to follow the activities of the project but, thanks to a internal professional team, makes concrete he path to create solutions and applications that allow the customer to obtain the expected results and analyzed.

FF3D’s goal is to give full satisfaction of customer’s expectations through high-performance solutions, developed according to the latest standards and development methodology, using the best technology according to the needs of the customers anticipating future developments.

Our team has developed knowledge in developing applications and intranet portals stable and efficient, that facilitate access to information and make business management more streamlined and more productive, encouraging the reduction of operating costs and timing of the provision of services ensuring high standards of safety, reliability, performance and ease of use.

Our team is able to deal with projects with the following skills:







Mobile Applications in Native Language and HTML5

kronomanappDaily operation can no longer be dissociated from using the smartphone as an operating tool.
Making it available to its customers and operators of “Mobile Application” is no longer an opportunity but a necessity.
The multitude of devices and operating systems, the diverse needs and methodologies used by operators, and the consequent need to study diversified and effective usability, today compel companies to face the new Mobile Development challenge with renewed commitment to meet the high expectations of Their own users and collaborators believes in this new frontier and for years has structured within it a specific division dedicated to the study and realization of mobile app. The team is able to deal with 360 degree a process of creating a mobile app, focusing in particular on:


Listening and dialogging with the customer we analyze the utilization and functional scope of the idea by translating it into functional specifications and performing operational simulations of the result.

UI / UX design
We put the user and not the technology at the center of the process, we take the utmost care to analyze and study all UI / UX (User Interface / User Experience) aspects. Based on the analysis of User Interface & Experience, we make design and application graphics

We make software by choosing and adopting the best technology for the specific project. We develop native apps for iPhone, iPad, smartphone and Android and Windows tablet. Additionally, we also build web apps or hybrid applications in html5.
During the process all applications are constantly tested on all types of terminals.

Completed development applications are released in beta and tested by KeyUser.
After the test, we are responsible for publishing and distributing the various APPstores

Mobile development languages